I am delighted to announce that planning permission has been granted for  a new family house in the country that I was commissioned to design for a private client.

The application was for the replacement of a mobile home and outbuildings with a dwelling and garage on a very rural agricultural site. 

The approved scheme will result in a bespoke family home, garage and domestic curtilage.

The proposals relocate the proposed dwelling away from the existing mobile home to a suitable  location. The new siting is located closer to the existing vehicular access lane and as such will have a much reduced impact upon the rural setting. The proposed design provides a low slung pitched roof structure that will reflect agricultural buildings found throughout the area and that will nestle sympathetically into the landscape. The buildings form is purposefully simple and agricultural, and this approach is further reflected in the choice of materials, in particular the metal standing seam roof.

The form and internal layout of the proposed building is purposefully designed so as to derive maximum benefit from the site orientation and land contours providing shelter, natural daylight and passive solar gain whilst at the same time negating summer time overheating.