A Riverside House - Berkshire

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Currently on site, located in a highly desirable area of Berkshire and located on the banks of the River Thames, this bespoke, highly sustainable/eco project is for the extension and alteration to an existing three bedroom arts and crafts house. 

The appointment was to carry out a full Architects Service with a view to having the project constructed under a traditional procurement route.

Due to the sensitive location, located on the banks of the River Thames, adjacent to an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' and having to pay particular regard to its surrounding neighbours, the proposals seek to be subservient to and be respectful of the architectural style and form of the existing house whilst providing for the bespoke needs of the client.

The starting point for the proposals is the existing properties relationship with the river and neighbouring properties. The new large open plan river room abuts the banks of the river providing uninterrupted views towards the village church in the distance. An inverted dormer at first floor level provides similar views from a balcony accessed from the master bedroom suite.

The proposals are designed to seek to greatly enhance the energy performance of the property through high levels of insulation and air-tightness, photovoltaic panels, low energy LED lighting throughout, a ground source heat pump, the use of river water for garden irrigation /car washing and triple glazed hardwood windows & doors.

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 The home is designed to be finished with a mix of high specification, regionally sourced, contemporary and traditional materials in order to produce a high end product that has a high quality traditional external aesthetic with an internal contemporary flavour.

Please click on the play button above to see an animated computer generated 3D visualization of the project that was produced to accompany the planning application

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